Why Settle For Good When You Can Have Excellent?

good restaurants in Manchester NH

With several good restaurants in Manchester, NH, the decision of where to dine out can be overwhelming. Here at Piccola Italia Ristorante, we’re here to ask you, why would you settle for good when you can have excellence? For over 15 years, we’ve been known as the “king of the hill.” With a vision of providing the most authentic Italian experience, that caters to our customer’s dietary needs, we’re confident you’ll love being part of our family here at Piccola.


A truly authentic Italian experience

If anyone knows authentic Italian cuisine, it’s Johnny Paolini. With a heritage in Italy, Johnny grew up in an Italian home surrounded by authentic meals, beverages, and, of course, desserts. When Johnny’s family came to the U.S., they rolled up their sleeves and dove into the restaurant industry. From dishwashing to prep cook, Johnny now holds his high as the owner of one of the finest Italian restaurants in Manchester. With a passion for cooking and a passion for people, guests of Piccola can taste the difference in every bite.


Your home away from home

Although many restaurants claim to provide award-winning customer service, here at Piccola, we deliver. Our dedicated staff ensures that every guest, young or old, is treated like family. Whether you’re visiting before a show, or out for your first date with that special someone, you can be certain that you’ll receive first-class service from a staff that genuinely cares.


We cater to your needs

In a society that is more aware than ever about sensitivities and allergies from food, at Piccola, you can rest assured your needs will be met. Because all of our dishes are made to order, we are enabled to meet any dietary requests. Whether you require a gluten-free meal or one that is free of garlic, your request will be fulfilled. However, we please ask that you sit back and enjoy the experience, as preparing meals to order can sometimes take a bit longer.


italian restaurants Manchester


Next time someone asks you, “Do you know of any good restaurants in Manchester, NH?” Be sure to reply with “no.” But you do know of an excellent authentic Italian restaurant. Be sure to visit us here at Piccola Italia and experience Italian hospitality and cooking the way it was meant to be.

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