It’s Cold Out There! Thanks Goodness It’s Soup Month!

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here is no better time to have a nice hot bowl of soup during the chills of January. Just ask all of the people who voted to make January National Soup Month! Today, our talented chefs at Piccola are here to celebrate the month by highlighting some of our delectable soups and sharing some of the histories behind them. Do you want to try some of the best food in Manchester, NH? Come down to Piccola! 


Pasta E Fagioli 

The direct meaning for this soup is “Pasta and beans.” Pasta E Fagioli is a traditional Italian Pasta dish that began in the region of Campania. While many of the dish variations depend on where you live and who is cooking, the dish only requires pasta and beans. At Piccola, we like to keep things simple and authentic. Our Pasta E Fagioli is made with pasta and beans cooked in a chicken broth. Our cooks add onions and tomatoes for additional flavorings. 


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Zuppa Fiorentina 

Zuppa Fiorentina or Florentine soup dates all the way back to 1500’s France. Catherine de Medici, a Florentine aristocrat, married a French prince. Once she married the prince, it meant that she had to leave her home in Florence for a new life in France. However, she refused to leave her favorite recipes and some of the best Florentine chefs too. After years of making dishes, the soup was born. 



Minestrone is another traditional Italian dish. However, this soup is a bit thicker than most soups as it is made with a creamy sauce instead of a broth. Minestrone has a rich history behind it as it dates back hundreds of years. In fact, the dish began to take off around the 2nd century BC, right after Rome took over Italy. During this time, the country grew economically, and it allowed for a large variety of new vegetables to flood the market. Some common ingredients for the soup include pasta, beans, celery, carrots, croutons, onions, and tomatoes. 


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Staying Warm with Piccola

When the cold strikes, it is crucial to stay warm. That is why we invite you to enjoy a hot and fresh bowl of soup at Piccola. At Piccola Italia, we have been known as the “king of the hill” for over 15 years. We cook some of the most authentic and best food in Manchester, NH, when it comes to Italian cooking. 


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