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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and some of you may not know what to do this year. Typically, you’d have the whole family over or go to a friend’s house to celebrate the holiday. All while enjoying a large turkey dinner, and of course, all of the fixings. But, this year has proven to be anything but ordinary. With a global pandemic on our hands, many families are modifying plans. So, why not think outside the box and try something completely different, like NH fine dining at Piccola Italia Restaurant?

Just imagine a day without cooking and cleaning. You could actually relax while enjoying the ambiance of Piccola. While we understand that you may be wary of eating out, rest assured. At Piccola, we follow strict guidelines to remain safe for our staff and, most importantly, our customers and your dining experience.


Now, let’s talk food.

Although you find turkey here at Piccola, we certainly have many other mouth-watering options. We get it; there are certain things that one must have on Thanksgiving, and we’re here to appease your cravings!


Appetizers are a must

Let’s start with the stuffing. Flip the script, and instead of mushroom in your stuffing, how about stuffing in your mushrooms? Stuffed mushrooms are a classic that never disappoints. With seasoned bread crumbs and parmigiana cheese, these sharable appetizers are a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving feast.

However, if traditional stuffed mushrooms really aren’t your forte, we created a kicked up version that any seafood lover would enjoy. The stuffed portabella fantasia is full of scallops, shrimp, and crab meat, complemented with smoked cheeses, garlic, and tomatoes. Carefully mixed and crafted, these mushrooms bring a burst of flavor to your palate.


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Switching out the turkey

For a new take on a Thanksgiving favorite, you won’t want to miss the butternut squash ravioli. This aromatic dish incorporates sauteed chicken and pancetta with a lovely Frangelico cream sauce. Our chefs even use a dash of cinnamon for that homey flavor. But, if this dish is not quite your style, don’t worry. We have the carnivorous cravings covered too!

At Piccola, we not only have various seafood dishes but top-quality meats as well. From steak to chicken, and even veal, we offer only the best cuts. Be sure to check out the Steak Piccola Italia and Steak del Re – two popular house specialties that are served with your choice of pasta.


With our extensive menu of authentic Italian fare, we have something for everyone!


Sure, this may be a little different than what you’d expect at your Thanksgiving table. However, know that at Piccola, you will always be satisfied with a filling and delicious meal. This year, stop by Piccola Italia and experience NH fine dining as you become part of our family!


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