Did You Know Ravioli Day Is Coming?

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Yes, you read that correctly. Raviolis have a day, and our family at Piccola couldn’t be more excited!  Simple ingredients that are exuberant in flavor, these little stuffed portions of pasta are a staple in Italian cuisine. And, when it comes to the best food in Manchester, NH, you know we’ll have you covered – especially in the ravioli department.

Because of our love for Italian cuisine, we’re taking this time to honor the deep-rooted history of the ravioli. Enjoy!




The origins.


While there is no definite way to determine the exact origins of the ravioli, history puts us close. With help from the writings by 14th century Francesco di Marco, the earliest mention of the ravioli is documented. As a merchant in Venice, one assumes the ravioli was born in, or close to, the city. Besides, the word ‘ravioli’ is from an old Italian word meaning ‘to wrap’.

However, a popular Indian dish called gujiya holds many similarities to ravioli. Instead of cheese, meats, and vegetables, the gujiya is filled with fruits and sweet spices. A popular food during Holi, it’s hard to know which region invented their unique version first.



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The ravioli holds a few world records.


At 96 feet and 1 inch, the world’s longest ravioli measured in August of 2013. Crafted by Amway Russia of St. Petersburg, Russia, this ravioli was stuffed with chicken and onion. However, as tradition goes, raviolis are square. Russia’s ravioli was no exception.

That said, in September of 2014, an Italian restaurant, Mario Café, took the record for the world’s largest round ravioli. This particular pasta measured 109 cm in diameter, used 40 eggs, 2 cups of olive oil, 5.07 pounds of ricotta cheese, and nearly ten pounds of spinach!


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It was the United States that took traditional ravioli to new levels.


When it comes to classically made ravioli, boiling the pasta is the way to go. Although, baked ravioli recipes can also be found across much of Italy.  However, deep frying the ravioli is almost unheard of. So much so that the ‘toasted’ ravioli was developed in St. Louis, Missouri, as an appetizer.

Similarly, it wasn’t until good old Chef Boyardee came about in the 1930s did the world see the introduction of machine, mass-produced, canned ravioli.



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And there you have it, some information to help you appreciate Ravioli Day! This March 20th, stop by Piccola Italia for some of the best food in Manchester, NH. You can be sure we’ll be celebrating!


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