Italian Cuisine that’s Gluten-Free in Manchester, NH

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Most people don’t think gluten-free when they think of authentic and delicious Italian food. As Italian is one of the most carb-heavy cuisines in the world, it isn’t surprising to think that it can’t be made gluten-free. But, as a restaurant dedicated to providing options that are gluten-free in Manchester, NH, we know this isn’t true. 

In fact, Italy is a very gluten-free friendly country. Some Italian families indeed feel it is a tragedy for someone to have celiac disease. But the nation has been very accepting of providing support for people avoiding gluten. Here is a brief overview of the gluten-free situation in Italy.


Is it Easy to Eat Gluten-Free in Italy?

Contrary to popular belief, Italian food can be easily prepared when adhering to dietary restrictions. Due to the public awareness of gluten intolerance and celiac disease, Italy has become one of the top countries to modify its ingredients to accommodate diners.  With the substation of certain flours several restaurants in Italy have become 100% gluten free.  Although this may sound unappealing, most consumers don’t even realize the difference in taste.

How could this be?

  • The Italian community has been quick to accept the fact that gluten bothers many people. This may be because they associate food and health very closely. 
  • Italians have been using alternative flours such as corn, chestnuts, and chickpeas for years. These flours are not new and trendy there like they are here in the United States. Thus, the change has been easy for chefs and food manufacturers to embrace.
  • Celiac disease diagnoses are on the rise in Italy, just like everywhere in the world, due to increased awareness of the disease. Since gluten is prevalent in much of the food that is native to Italy, the increased diagnoses of celiac have had a more significant effect on the overall culture. In fact, gluten-free options are available to children in schools, and the government offers vouchers to celiac patients to buy gluten-free food alternatives.


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Here at Piccola Italia we cater to a wide variety of dietary restrictions.  Whether you are vegan, keto, gluten-free, or have allergy restrictions; we have an extensive menu for you!  With all of our meals made to order, you can be confident in your choice to dine at Piccola Italia.  If you are gluten-free in Manchester, NH, come by today to see for yourself what dining without worry feels like!

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