Raise A Glass to National Drink Wine Day!

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Have you ever needed a reason to drink wine without really having a reason at all? Well, your day is coming up soon! February 18th is National Drink Wine Day, and our team at Piccola is gearing up to start the celebration. Our team of highly skilled chefs is here to provide you with the best fine dining in NH. As we get ready for the big day, we wanted to share some fun facts about wine that many people may not know about. 


The most planted fruit in the world is grapes. 

Currently, the global grape production amounts to over 75 million tons per year. In addition, there are well over 18 million acres of vineyards across the world. Italy alone sees over eight million of those tons. 


Forbidden in Rome

During the early Roman Times, women were forbidden to drink wine along with many other things. Men dominated over women as they were seen to be weak individuals. One of the reasons women were banned from drinking wine was that it was said to promote them doing dangerous and inappropriate behaviors. If a man caught his wife drinking wine, he would be permitted to kill her for that reason alone. 


Toasting Origins

The term “toasting” originated from Roman and Greek wine traditions. It is derived from them dropping a piece of toasted bread into their glasses of wine as a method of softening the bitter tastes of specific wines.

fine dining bedford


Pairing Wine With Your Foods

When pairing wine with food, it is essential to pair your wine with the right foods to avoid getting a nasty aftertaste. When pairing, it is good to remember these pairing techniques:

  • Heavier food goes well with a heavier wine. 
  • Red meat goes the best with red wine.
  • White wine is best when served with chicken or fish.
  • When thinking about pairing wine with dessert, it is better to choose a sweet wine. 


The Benefits of Wine

Drinking red wine in moderation can lead you to quite a handful of positive health benefits. Some of the most significant benefits can be reducing the risk of cancer, helping with keeping you slim, improving your mind and mood, and more. 


Get the Bottle Opener!

At Piccola Italia, we have a large selection of red and white wines that you can choose from when dining with us. There is no better time to come down and enjoy some fine dining in NH than right now. Be sure to make a reservation with us so that you can enjoy some of the best Italian food that Manchester has to offer!


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