An Inside Look At One Of the Best Italian Herbs: Parsley

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Whether you’re a pro or just beginning to find your way around the kitchen, when it comes to Italian cooking, herbs are a must – especially with NH fine dining. However, Italian cuisine offers various herbs to choose from. So, where does one begin? Which herb is the best for the dish at hand? And, did we mention, there are often many varieties within a particular herb family? Mind-blowing – we know. Lucky for you, at Piccola Italia, we know our herbs, and we know authentic Italian cuisine. In this article, we’re taking a deeper look at one of the most commonly used herbs and the options it offers.


Welcome to the world of parsley.


Flat versus curly leaf.

Although the differences seem minuscule, flat-leaf and curly parsley are quite different when cooking is concerned. In truth, the real difference falls with the cuisine at hand. More specifically, are you cooking French or Italian cuisine?

French, or curly parsley, is known for its bitter yet muted flavor, whereas Italian parsley features a softer, more flavorful experience. While both can be used in cooking, choosing which variety is best for the dish at hand depends on the overall experience you intend to create.



Flat-leaf parsley.


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In general, flat-leaf, or Italian parsley tends to be the preferred choice with several types of cuisines. With flavor retaining properties, this variety holds up well in most hot meals while providing a flavor boost without overwhelming the dish.



Curly parsley.


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On the other hand, curly parsley is an excellent choice when creating fresh salads and chilled dishes. However, because of the somewhat bitter flavor, many chefs opt to keep this variety strictly as a garnish with American and Italian cuisine. However, if you focus on French cuisine, finely chopped curly parsley is a staple in many dishes.



Which one is best for your dish?

Often, when preparing a meal, you may find that you have one ingredient and not the other. So, what if the recipe calls for fla-leaf parsley but all you have on hand is curly? Are they interchangeable?

Rule of thumb is when following a recipe, you should stick to the called-for ingredient. However, if you must interchange parsley types, take caution when doing so. If parsley is one of the main ingredients, the change will compromise the integrity of the dish.


No matter what dish you aim to prepare, when it comes to NH fine dining, you can be sure that Piccola Italia has your herbs mastered. From parsley to oregano, basil to thyme – if the dish requires a particular flavor, our chefs will deliver.

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