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The World’s Oldest Pasta: Linguine.

First appearing in the early 1700s, linguine was traditionally served with a pesto sauce, green beans, and potatoes.

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An Inside Look At One Of the Best Italian Herbs: Parsley

No matter what you’re cooking, herbs can make or break the dish. Welcome to the world of parsley.

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Italy In the Kitchen: 3 Summer Dishes To Make

Looking for a few quick and easy Italian summer dishes to make at home? Look no further!

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Best Italian Food in Manchester: Tradition Meets Authenticity

Elbow deep into the holiday season, we have authentic dishes in line with Italian traditions!

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Making A Bruschetta That Guests Will Remember

If you’re buried in tomatoes, you’ll want to try this recipe – a sure win for any crowd.

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Artichokes: Misunderstood and Often Overlooked

When it comes to vegetables, nice Italian restaurants in Manchester often overlook one of the most important of them all, the artichoke.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The artichoke, and we’re not quite sure why, has earned a reputation for being less than desirable. Perhaps it’s a lack of knowledge of proper cooking techniques, or how to combine the vegetable into a meal seamlessly. Whatever the case may be, at Piccola, we love a good artichoke any day of the […]

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Growing Your Own Italian Herb Garden

There’s nothing quite like the addition of freshly grown Italian herbs to your kitchen! Here’s a look at the must-haves in your garden this year.

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Best Food In Manchester, NH Right From Your Kitchen!

Stuck at home and looking for a few new dinner ideas? If so, you’ll want to check out these sure to hit the spot recipes!

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