Who Knew Cacciatore is the Oldest and Best Food in Manchester NH?

best food in Manchester NH

Originating in Central Italy, the history of cacciatore is quite interesting. Once known as Hunter’s Chicken, it’s no wonder chicken cacciatore is one of the most popular dishes among our guests, given its vast presence in human history. Here at Piccola Italia, we believe that knowing your food is essential to preparing some of the best food in Manchester, NH. Because of this belief, in this article, we’re going to take a moment to appreciate the multi-century old dish, chicken cacciatore.


The origins

Dating back to the 14th century period known as the Renaissance, legend has it that chicken cacciatore means “chicken hunter.” However, during this period cursed by the black plague and torture, we find it safe to assume that those eating hunter’s chicken were of nobility and wealth. We’re also going out on a limb here and guessing that these folks weren’t hunting chicken out in the woods. Chances are, cacciatore was most likely served with pheasant or rabbit.

As the story further goes, on their way back from hunting, the hunters would stop along the way to gather fragrant plants and wild mushrooms. Handing the ingredients off to the chef, creative culinary skills (and ingredients on hand) then took over. Olives and onions provided robust flavor, while tomatoes and wine helped to tenderize the gamey meat.


Variety is the spice of life

Although we’re accustomed to chicken cacciatore in this region of the world, other areas utilize ingredients more local to them. For example, in southern Italy, cacciatore is typically made with red wine, while in northern Italy, they use white wines.

Another interesting variation comes from southern Italy, where salami replaces chicken as the primary source of protein. With so many versions and twists on the meat and herbs, cacciatore is one of the most universal, classic, yet customizable dishes. Thus, it’s the perfect dish for any palette.



Believe it or not, chicken cacciatore is not only the best food in Manchester, NH but across the country. In fact, it’s so popular that October 15th has been designated National Chicken Cacciatore Day! However, we don’t recommend waiting that long before indulging in this timeless dish. Satisfy your craving today and stop by Piccola Italia and experience the areas best, most authentic Italian food. Contact us today to make your reservation (603) 606-5100.



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