Best Italian Food in Manchester: Tradition Meets Authenticity

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The holiday season is well underway, which, for Italians, means food galore! At Piccola Italia, we have the most authentic, best food in Manchester, NH! From family traditions to regional authentic dishes, there is no shortage of food when it comes to the holiday season. In this article, we’re providing you with a few popular dishes one can expect to find if visiting an Italian home over Christmas!



In many regions of Italy, specialty cured meats and cheese are enjoyed during the Christmas season. Referred to as “Christmas salamis,” this spread is a must at any gathering! Beyond the meats and cheeses, one can also expect to find an array of olives, artichokes, roasted peppers, and crackers on this display.


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Lasagne Bolognese

No matter which region of Italy you may reside in, pasta is a must. While Southern and Central regions lean towards baked dishes, Northern Italy prefers filled pasta dishes like lasagne bolognese. From ravioli to manicotti, there is no shortage of options from the pasta to the cheesy creations inside.



Meats for the main course

Alongside the pasta, or sometimes served after, is the meat. From roasted veal to braised beef, baked homemade sausages to chicken, Italian meats are generally considered the main course. However, there are several families that opt for seafood, especially salted cod.




There is no denying that Italian’s love their sweets. With hundreds of items to choose from, many dessert spreads become purely preference. However, panettone is a staple in every household. This sweet, bread-like cake resembles an oversized muffin and is packed with flavor. With the incorporation of dried fruits and raisins, bakeries produce these loaves by the dozens during the holiday time. However, planning is key as each loaf requires over 12 hours of care before the final product is ready for consumption.


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At Piccola Italia, our chefs are always cooking up the best food in Manchester, NH. This season, be sure to stop in and experience authentic Italian cuisine as if you were in Italy itself!

Call us today or visit us online to schedule your reservation. From our family to yours, we wish you all a very safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!




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